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10 Exotic workshops from 10 top Pole Stars

10 Exotic workshops from 10 top Pole Stars
New online course
05 - 09 June 2020
Now in English
Now in English!

From 05 to 09 of June 2020 you participate:

in 10 exotic and floor work workshops
With 10 great poledancers!

- The camp takes place via Zoom.
- Everyone can join!
- You don't need a pole at home.
- You will have the access to the workshops videos minimum for 7 days for free.

Special price now!
The price will be raised soon
Don't hesitate too long, amount of participants is limited!

Yours online program:

  • Floor work.
  • Flexy legs & Sexy Glides.
  • Emotional Sexy Choreo.
  • Gentle Exotic at parter.
  • Exo Strip Plastic.
  • Improvisation in exotic
  • Strip Choreography.
  • Choreo with a chair.
  • Parter choreo.
  • Dance combo with accents & riveting elements
Who are  your trainers?
No pole needed for training
Access to the workshops videos minimum for 7 days for free
You will become even better!
Very low price at the start of the project.
Do not miss the opportunity!
The best Pole Stars will work with you!
- Do not be afraid to start! Now is precisely this time!
- If you are shy, just turn off the camera ;)
- Get new skills.
- Discover new dancing styles for yourself
- Learn new dance choreos from Pole Stars.
- Get online comments from the trainers during class.
- You can work on the training material whenever you want.

P.S. the Pole car is also our project ;)

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1 workshop
$ 10
$ 15
  • Any workshop
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